The Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) is a vital risk minimisation tool for both businesses and consumers in buying, selling, leasing, renting and hiring transactions. However, over 120,000 registrations are set to expire on 31 January 2019! It is imperative that you ensure any lapsing registrations are extended to protect your interests.

Why you should renew

Registration on the PPSR solidifies your position as a secured creditor, ultimately allowing you to recover property when a customer becomes insolvent or defaults on a payment. However once your registration expires, you will be unable to extend or renew it, and will thus risk losing priority to another secured party when you attempt to re-register.

What you need to do

  1. Review the status of your existing registrations and take note of any which are due for renewal
  2. Ensure that you update any changes to your original registrations, such as party details, new contracts or property upgrades
  3. Extend you registrations to continue to secure your interest.

We are here to help
We understand that navigating a PPSR expiry can be a stressful and challenging time. We have assisted numerous clients through the process and are here to ensure your experience is not a stressful one. If you want to ensure that your property and interests are protected, please do not hesitate to call us.