Late last year ARITA released a consultation draft for the 4th edition of its Code of Professional Practice for Insolvency Practitioners, which serves to educate ARITA members as to their professional responsibilities and provide a reference for stakeholders to gauge the conduct of practitioners. Of the changes, perhaps the most significant is to the format of the Code, which features an overarching Code of Ethics and is then split into two separate codes; one for formal insolvency appointments and the second for all other advisory work.

Insolvency Services

This section of the Code has been drafted with reference to the proposed APES 330, and is to apply only to those working on formal insolvency appointments. The standard has been greatly simplified from previous editions, with much of the previous content shifted out to non-binding Practice Statements.

Advisory Services

This item is to focus on matters such as pre-insolvency work and safe harbour advising.

ARITA is currently reviewing feedback on the code, following a period of public consultation which closed on Monday.